Friday, June 12, 2015

SG50 Funpack!

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SG50... I am sure each and every one of us knows that Singapore will be celebrating her 50th birthday this year! As a build up to National Day on 9th August 2015, various initiatives have been organised to engage and connect with Singaporeans!
And one of this year's NDP engagement efforts is the SG Funpack, which every Singaporean and Permanent Resident (PR) household will receive.

The funpacks comes in the form of a tote bag with 50 different designs, each designed by Singaporeans from all walks of life!
Here's the design of the tote bag that I received:
Designed by Vernetta Lopez who is a local Producer and Presenter DJ. 
"The inspiration behind my design is that this iconic image is a visual representation of Singapore’s connection to the world through Radio and Television broadcast and its first baby steps towards being the cosmopolitan country it  is today." - Vernetta Lopez

Monday, June 08, 2015

Oral-B: Power your Dad's smile + Giveaway!

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Oral-B - the worldwide leader in the brushing market, I am sure you must have heard of this brand even if you might not have tried it before. I feel really honoured and excited at the same time to be collaborating with Oral B this year in conjunction with Father's Day!
1 Oral B

A little bit of background on Oral-B..
As part of the Procter & Gamble Company, Oral-B includes manual and power toothbrushes for children and adults, oral irrigators and interdental products such as dental floss. Oral-B manual toothbrushes are used by more dentists than any other brand in the U.S and many international markets.
2 Oral B

For today's post, I will be sharing more in depth of the Oral-B Power Toothbursh - Professional Care (D20 3 Mode). Remember to read all the way to the end for a special promo and giveaway! ;)
3 Oral B

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Boufe Boutique Cafe


Met Maybelle (the ladyboss behind Neonmello!) on Friday for yet another belated birthday lunch! She suggested trying out Boufe since both of us haven't tried it before and it was on her cafe-to-go-list~

Friday, June 05, 2015

Meomi Cat Cafe~


How's your week so far? Mine was pretty busy and intense with alot of meet-ups, brunch and events.... ahhh it was quite exhausting. So glad that the week is over. Time to rest up!!
Anyway~ Had Fat Cow yesterday for Vanida's belated birthday lunch treat (not mentioning much about Fat Cow cuz it's in my previous post, so read it if you're interested :D). We were feeling kinda lazy and decided to chill at a Cat Cafe where Stef decided to join us as well!


Monday, June 01, 2015

Fat Cow & updates!

Half of the year has already passed and omg it's just too fast?? Felt like it was just yesterday when I ushered the new year in.... 
2015's been great for me thus far and I hope it is the same for you guys as well :) Let's pray & hope for even more positivity for the next half of the year :D

Anyhowz, I finally had the chance to visit Fat Cow last week together with H, his bro & dad!
Been seeing way too many Fat Cow Donburi pictures appearing on my Instagram newsfeed and its almost too tempting to not try it myself. I immediately made a lunch reservation for 4 only a day ahead and I was pretty lucky to get a spot! Heard it can be quite difficult to get a reservation as they are always full and packed!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bio-Essence Miracle Bio Water + Giveaway!

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I had the privileged to attend the Bio-essence event to learn more about the Miracle Bio Water and it was held at Bliss House, a super pretty cafe! A home-grown and established brand, Bio-essence has always been on the forefront of innovation in developing effective new products that serves consumers’ needs of achieving and maintaining gorgeous, healthy skin. 

It's the hottest period of the year again and there is no better time to introduce the New Miracle Bio Water! Uniquely formulated with Bio-Energy technology by home grown brand Bio-essence, the New Miracle Bio Water is one of its kinds with the lowest salt content and hypoallergenic. To have moist, supple and healthy looking skin, our skin needs to stay well hydrated. The new Miracle Bio Water is dermatologically tested and provides power hydration and instant cooling sensation, which is perfect for the scorching sun and intense heat.


Monday, May 25, 2015

Demand & Supply, Trappedsg

2015-05-24 06.24.51 1

I'm finally back from Boracayyyyyyy!! Boracay was just sooo amazing! Would love to go back again and again and againnnn if not for the tiring journey. Think.. Plane then car then boat then tricycle followed by walk. WHOA. 
Okay more about Boracay in another post k!

Headed to town yesterday for early dinner at Demand & Supply with H's friends! 
Gosh I can't even remember the last time I was in town....... Hahaha